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10 September 2019
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A.Y fashion WORLD�

This group is for wholesalers…

Here we sell quality sandals, shoes,sneakers, bracelet,watches, sneakers,bag etc and only in bulk purchase for wholesalers who will resell at either wholesale or retail price…

Any price listed here is the wholesales price, we sell at a cheaper rate to enable you sell your goods with ease and make money sharply….

Comparing our goods with the ones outside it’s not pleasurable…..

We sell mixed stocks and selecting particular designs is not allowed because from the company they mix different designs in a carton…

Customers in and outside Lagos is pay before delivery ��…

Our location is Lagos State ……

Dormant members who haven’t purchased any goods will be removed from here after sometime, as we want ACTIVE buyers no sidon dey look pls ���…

_Delivery is not free oooo

Payment validates your order

Please if you look out to our stuffs and you don’t like them or maybe you are looking for cheaper ones, I will advise you to leave the group immediately to allow others have space because there is no time to waste. In this group is we need serious minded business men and women��

Blessed and happy sales my customers….


A.Y fashion WORLD �����