Fruitpreneur Training Masterclass

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8 June 2021
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Point One, a Lagos based event management and fruits styling and consumption experts, has announced its next training programme in its Fruit Design and Marketing Master Class series.

The workshop, will hold from 3:00pm – 6:00pm West African Time on June 9, 2021 via Zoom for only preregistered participants. It is geared to teach prospective professional fruit decorators, combiners, preparers and vendors and indeed all those who seek to learn about this new frontier concerned with the fundamentals of fruit preparation and intake for enhanced wellness.

We shall also be inculcating the skill sets required and sharing experiences and insights concerning the tools, equipment and investment outlays required as well as the profitability of a vocation in the preparations, packaging and vending of assorted fruits and fruit combinations as a viable business pursuit.

Indeed, the programme shall open a window of opportunity for the early birds to occupy the front of the queue in the brand-new space of fruit entrepreneurship – those who professionally offer the best combination of fruits and in the right physical states to discerning consumers, who will experience and testify to the benefits and good “after” results of appropriate consumption of fruits.

The programme will cover special skills in fruits decoration, carving and styling for a glamorous display at events and so on.

To impart the requisite knowledge and knowhow, we are offering a programme which highlights include:

🔹Launching of a unique brand identity.
🔹The “how” and “requirements” for a Fruits business you can start from home.
🔹How to make Greek yogurt, granular, date syrup etc.
🔹And lots more.

Participants in our Fruit Design Master Programme would be able to prepare a generic fruit combination that will confer health benefits to all as well as be able to design tailored fruit recipes for individuals based on their peculiar circumstances or health status.

Prospective participants in the forthcoming Master Class are enjoined to urgently contact the Workshop Coordinator via the Instagram Handle: @_point_one for the limited spaces that are still available. Acceptance and registration shall be on first come, first served basis.

Thanks, and see you on June 9th via Zoom.